Which scvi-tools releases support modelling with extra covariates?

Dear scVI-developers and community,

I stumbled over the following github issue:

As I myself am very interested in modelling with extra categorical and continuous covariates that can be passed to setup_anndata, I am wondering since which release is the correction of the latent space actually implemented (and not just passing of covariates to the anndata_setup that won’t be further used). I understand it should be the case for the latest release, but what about older releases (e. g. 0.8, etc.)?

Is is this different for categorical and continuous covariates?

Thanks for providing this great tool and continuously improving it.

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This was implemented in v0.9.0. See release notes here. Before v0.9.0, only the batch_key parameter worked.

Dear Adam,

thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for.